Medicines Learning Portal

The Drug Information Team at University Hospital Southampton, with the input of pharmacists from all over the country have created a portal for trainee and newly qualified pharmacists. The portal can be found Here.

‘All pharmacists involved with patient care need clinical problem solving skills to deliver medicines optimisation, and this website will assist the development of these skills by:

  • Providing knowledge about medicines, and addressing basic principles of medicines safety for key subject areas.
  • Showing the right questions to ask when problem-solving.
  • Recommending sources of information about medicines.
  • Guiding pharmacists on how to apply their professional judgement.
  • Advising on communication techniques for delivering expert advice.

This site is designed for hospital pharmacists in their first 1,000 days of practice, but some content may also be of interest to hospital pharmacy technicians, community pharmacists, CCG pharmacists, and pharmacists returning to hospital practice after a career break’