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#HIW2022 – Arthritis

Today marks the last day of #HIW2022. And the final theme for the week is Arthritis.

Resources and information about arthritis can be found below:

Versus Arthritis:

Living with arthritis

Different types of arthritis

Information for young people

Real life stories on having arthritis

General Resources:

NHS – Living with arthritis

Patient – Different types of arthritis

Psoriasis Association – Psoriatic arthritis



#HIW2022 – Heart Healthy

Today’s theme for #HIW2022 is Heart Healthy

We all know about the integral part our heart plays in our body and the importance in keeping it healthy.  But do you know how to do this?

Resources and information about heart health can be found below:

General Resources:

NHS Health Check – What’s your heart age?

British Heart Foundation – Keep your heart healthy

AgeUK – 7 ways to boost your heart health

HeartUK – Healthy living



#HIW2022 – Media Literacy

Today’s theme for #HIW2022 is Media Literacy. Given everything that is going on in the world currently, and the ease and speed at which information can be spread through different media outlets – whether that we through the news or through social media, it is important that we all have information and resources available to us to combat misinformation.

Below are some resources that you might find of use.

Media Literacy Resources:

Future Learn – What is media literacy and why does it matter?

Books Available to Borrow from Us:
cover cover

Health Information on the Internet:

When looking at health information, you need to make sure what you are viewing is of good quality and from a reputable source. We’ve created a handy guide that talks you what to look for when trying to find health information on the internet. Finding Good Quality Health Information on the Internet It is important to know what to look out for, to make sure that the information you are viewing and digesting isn’t fake news.

How to spot fake news:


Fact Checking Social Media:





#HIW2022 – Kidney Health

Today’s theme for #HIW2022 is Kidney Health

We all know about the integral part our kidneys play in our body and the importance in keeping our kidneys healthy.  But do you know how to do this?

Resources and information about kidney health can be found below:

General Resources:

NHS – Keeping your kidneys healthy

Kidney Care UK

Kidney Research UK

Kidney Patient Guide

Resources for Children and Parents:

Info KID

Ready Steady Go – Renal




#HIW2022 – ‘Your Health’ Collection

Today we are excited to launch a new collection of resources. The ‘Your Health’ collection was created in partnership between Health Education England and The Reading Agency and comprises a selection of 10 books and 30 digital resources.

The books are available to browse and borrow from us.

Further information about the collection and the resources that are included can be found online Here.

#HIW2022 – Long Covid

Today’s theme for #HIW2022 is Long Covid.

Although this is a relatively new topic, there are lots of resources available to help and further inform.


Your Covid Recovery

Long Covid Kids

Long Covid Support


BBC Radio 5 Live – Long Covid

BBC Radio 4 – Long Covid revisited

Patient Information:


Long-term effects of coronavirus (long COVID)


Long COVID: what support is available?

How could long COVID impact your mental health?

What is the latest advice on long COVID symptoms and treatment?

What are the long-term health impacts of coronavirus?



#HIW2022 – Translated Patient Information


Today marks the start of #HIW2022. Throughout this week, we will be posting different resources, on a variety of themes .

The theme today is Translated Patient Information.

The main website at Yeovil Hospital, which hosts an assortment of patient information  contains an accessibility tool which not only allows users to change the language of the information presented, but also the font size and colour among other things.

Further information on this really useful tool can be found Here.

A variety of organisations offer general health and wellbeing translated materials:

The World Health Organization – Here you can find information on health in Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists – Translated versions of patient-friendly mental health information are available here.

Macmillan Cancer Support – Macmillan Cancer support offers translated information on most common types of cancer.