Current Awareness

Below are a selection of current awareness resources that are available to you. These include:

  • Current Awareness Bulletins created by YDH Library Staff.
  • KnowledgeShare – A targeted personal current awareness service.
  • A Netvibes Portal created by YDH Library Staff containing the latest journal contents for a variety of specialties and other current awareness information.
  • Bulletins created by the Knowledge and Evidence Specialists at Somerset FT Library Service.
  • MA Healthcare created Current Awareness Bulletins relating their journals.
  • A Website created by CASH which has a variety of current awareness information.
  • A selection of newsletters and alerts created by NICE
  • Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) created by NICE
  • The Improvement Hub – a selection of improvement information, knowledge and guidance from the NHS
  • A Guidance Tracker for concise clinical guideline summaries of major primary and shared care guidelines in the UK.
  • A selection of evidence-based websites aimed at health and social care professionals created by the National Elf Service
  • The Dissemination Centre Discover Portal created by the National Institute for Health Research.
  • A Netvibes Portal created by West Sussex Knowledge and Libraries which has a variety of current awareness information on Public Health and Commissioning – PubComm
  • Current awareness, news and information on palliative and end of life care – ehospice
  • A series of episodes/podcasts that promote best practice in looking after older people.
  • A selection of Current Awareness Bulletins created by the Library staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, including bulletins on national guidance from the Royal Colleges.
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