Patient Information and Self Help

Below are a selection of resources and websites in regards to Self Help and Patient Information that are available and information on how to check for trust worthy sources.

Patient Information:

Contact – A national charity for families with disabled children. Providing information, support and advice as well as bringing families together so they can support each other.

Dementia Guide for Carers and Care Providers – available free from iBooks, the Kindle Store and Smashwords or alternatively as an app through the Apple App Store

Finding Patience – A film that looks at the experience of dementia amongst African Caribbean families

Good Things Foundation – Good Things Foundation (formerly Tinder Foundation) is a charity that supports digitally and socially excluded people to improve their lives through digital.

Health and Care Video Library – The Health and Care Video Library aims to use short and simple videos to help health and social care staff support their patients remotely.

Healthy Somerset – A website containing lots of information and resources aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of residents within Somerset.

How to be Health Savvy – A netvibes portal created by the Isle of Wight NHS Trust Library team which includes information on ‘how to be health savvy’

My Diabetes My Way – The NHS Somerset interactive diabetes website to help support people who have diabetes and their family and friends. Including leaflets, videos, educational tools and games.

My Signals Patients – Health and social care staff and service users tell the NIHR what research is important to them and why they feel others need to know about it.

The NHS Website


Somerset Maternity Toolkit – This toolkit is designed to support you on your journey from pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond. It aims to offer trustworthy sources of information and local support.

Self Help:

Reading Well: Books on Prescription

Self Care Forum

Health and Wellbeing resources available for Yeovil Academy Library

Finding Good Quality Health Information on the Internet


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