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UpToDate Anywhere

UpToDate Anywhere is now available to all staff and students at YDH.

UpToDate Anywhere gives you access to evidence-based clinical content when and where you need it. It provides you with the UpToDate Mobile App for iOS, Android or Windows 8 devices. It also provides you with CME/CE/CPD when you research a clinical question using UpToDate on site or remotely; this includes your mobile device.

In order to register for UpToDate Anywhere you need to visit the UpToDate website through the link on the Library’s YCloud page. You are then able to click the Login/Register link (which is situated within the top right hand corner of UpToDate’s homepage) and complete the registration form.

In order to maintain uninterrupted access to UpToDate Anywhere, you must re-verify your account every 90 days. This is done simply by visiting UpToDate through the Library’s YCloud page and logging in with your username and password.


If you require any help or for more information please Contact the Library.

UpToDate – Primary Care Sports Medicine

UpToDate has launched a new specialty – Primary Care Sports Medicine.

From the issues that affect athletes with medical conditions, to understanding biomechanics and training demands that predispose athletes to injury,  the continuously updated diagnostic information and treatment recommendations in UpToDate are there to help clinicians care for patients more effectively so they can recover and return to activity.

An OpenAthens password is required to be able to access this.
If you don’t already have an OpenAthens password you can Register Here

Please Contact the Library if you experience any access problems.



Did you know – UpToDate has increased the breadth and depth of its drug referencing database. Users of UpToDate are now able to access a select set of foundational drug information from the Lexicomp core databases

To access this database, click on the Drug Interactions tab on the top right hand side of the main UpToDate screen, you will then be redirected to the Lexi-Interact, where you are then able to use the database.

UpToDate Drug Interactions

For more information on how to access UpToDate please Click Here or Contact the Library

UpToDate Training

On the 3rd of August at 3pm the Library will be hosting a 30 minute UpToDate training session run by Michael Dreher, an International Training Consultant for UpToDate.

It is available to all members of staff and students at YDH and will be held in room 9 of the Academy. If you wish to attend this training session, please Contact the Library so we can book you on.

For more information on the training session and the content included please Click Here, or Contact the Library who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We hope to see you there!

Resource of the Week

‘Resource of the Week’ is a new feature to help make all staff and students at YDH aware of the resources available to them through the Library

This weeks Resource of the Week is…..





UpToDate is an evidence-based knowledge system authorised by physicians to help clinicians make the right decisions at the point of care.

Did You Know? UpToDate can be searched in a variety of languages (although the results will still display in English). UpToDate also includes more that 140 interactive medical calculators that allow you to enter the values in commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data. These can be found on the calculator tab in the top right hand corner of the main page.

An OpenAthens password is required to be able to access this.
If you don’t already have an OpenAthens password you can Register Here

Please Contact the Library if you experience any access problems